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How Team USA Beat The World in the 2014 FIBA World Cup

September 15, 20140 Comments

While watching the dismantling of the Serbian National Team by Team USA in the finals of the 2014 FIBA World Cup, one thing that struck me amidst the dunks and 3′s was how bad their defensive execution was. Granted, in a blowout, it’s perfectly natural for players to relax a little bit, and maybe gamble […]

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The NBA: A Bad Lip Reading

September 11, 20140 Comments

Ever curious about what your favorite NBA stars and coaches are actually talking about out on the court?  Doc Rivers, Mark Jackson, and Carmelo Anthony, along with many others, add their two cents to the in-game talk. All voices written and recorded by Mike Callaghan, find out what stars across the league are really saying […]

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NBA Breakdown: Could There Be Racial Biases in Scouting Comparisons?

September 4, 20140 Comments

The thought of racial biases within scouting NBA prospects and their comparisons has almost always been a strong possibility in the eye of the fans; especially after transitioning from an entirely white league back in 1947, to a league that today consists of nearly 77% African American players. Basketball analyst Will Garcia, captivated by the idea […]

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FIBA 2014: Philippines vs Argentina

September 3, 20140 Comments

In the heat of the FIBA tournament, the United States has stepped forward after their recent victory against Turkey.  Other hot teams like Argentina and the Philippines are still fighting to go deeper into the tournament.  The historic success of Argentina might have given them an edge in the odds, but in the end, the Philippines […]

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How To Beat Team USA in FIBA: Turkey Exposes Real Issues

September 2, 20140 Comments

The International Basketball Federation World Cup, currently being hosted in Spain, includes over 28 teams, and has called out the best teams in the world once every four years dating back to 1950.   Team USA has historically proven itself a prominent name when it comes to international play, returning home with 11 total medals, 4 of […]

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