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How To Beat The Miami Heat

February 25, 201222 Comments

As the Miami Heat have steamrolled through the NBA this season, there are very few weaknesses an opponent can exploit. In fact, one of the only recipes for success against them is to make a high volume of three pointers. That sounds good on paper, but certainly not a strategy an opposing coach can rely […]

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Knicks vs. Mavericks: Nowitzki’s Post Up vs. Lin’s Pick And Roll

February 21, 201210 Comments

Watching the Knicks host the Mavericks on Sunday, one might think that the pick and roll is the oldest play in the basketball book. However, the true history of the game reveals that Dutch Dehnert of the original Celtics was the first pivot player, catching the ball with his back to the basket and wreaking […]

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Clippers vs. Blazers: Chris Paul Saves His Best For Last

February 18, 20121 Comment

Written by Coach Nick (@bballsource) and Arun (@ArunKnows) The good teams find ways to win even when things get ugly. With both teams shooting less than 40%, Chris Paul scored thirteen points in the fourth quarter to lead the LA Clippers to a 74-71 win over the Portland Trailblazers. The Clippers were down as much […]

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Why Jeremy Lin Can Be The Next Steve Nash

February 14, 20129 Comments

Written by: Arun Chikyarappa (@arunKnows) & Coach Nick Second-year guard Jeremy Lin is the talk of the NBA as he has come from almost nowhere to lead the New York Knicks to five-straight wins. In those games, Lin averaged 26 points, 8 assists, 4 rebounds and two steals. These are remarkable numbers for anyone but […]

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Why The Lakers Offense Continues To Struggle

February 10, 20122 Comments

Statistically Speaking by Arun Chikyarappa & Coach Nick Through 25 games, the Lakers record is a mediocre 14-11, compared to last year’s 18-7 mark at the point of the season. One look at their offensive production, and it’s clear this is a major culprit. Overall, the Lakers offense produces 93.2 points per game, a steep […]

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The Houston Rockets Offensive System

February 9, 20120 Comments

Coach Nick breaks down how Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, and Kyle Lowry are able to attack opponent’s defenses. In this case, the Denver Nuggets falter down the stretch as Houston relies on one of its favorite sets.

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Bulls @ Heat – Whomever Chokes Last Loses

February 1, 20123 Comments

Coach Nick breaks down this epic game between the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat from Sunday, January 29, 2012. Both LeBron James and Derrick Rose took turns not making plays down the stretch, while Dwyane Wade stood and watched.

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