NBA Playoffs 2011: Weekend Breakdown

May 10, 2011

Coach Nick goes over 3 games from over the weekend – Lakers vs. Mavericks – as the Lakers take their unceremonious exit from the playoffs, OKC vs. Memphis, giving us one for the ages down the stretch, and Bulls vs. Hawks – with Rose shooting them in and out of the series.

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Coach Nick is the founder of BballBreakdown and a former high school varsity basketball coach. Follow Coach Nick on Twitter, @BballSource.

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  1. Hyperbole says:

    All season long Westbrook has been doing a fair job breaking down defenses. Now that the playoffs are here, he’s seeing much tighter defensive sets. He can’t penetrate at will, he gets horribly frustrated, and he jacks up bad shot after bad shot There have been several games where I’ve been screaming “send him off to the D League” at my TV screen. I think your suggestion of playing him at the two has real merit. He clearly can score, but his ball handling and decision making are very poor at this point.

  2. Please upload video to Youtube too. I am too unfortunate to be in a country where FB is banned. Thanks a ton!

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