NBA Playoffs: Mavericks Hammer Thunder in Game 1

May 19, 2011

Coach Nick shows you how Dirk Nowitzki was too much to handle, even though Scott Brooks didn’t utilize enough methods to stop him. JJ Barea is also a difference maker in this series.

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Coach Nick is the founder of BballBreakdown and a former high school varsity basketball coach. Follow Coach Nick on Twitter, @bballbreakdown.

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  1. Seidermanb says:

     Hey there Coach Nick. Nice breakdown! Your channel has really helped me understand the game better and have more fun watching the playoffs. Please keep it up!

  2. Guest says:

    Hey Coach Nick. Good breakdown. I like your stuff. You said that Russell Westbrook would be the number 2 shooting guard in the league if he played that position. Are you saying that he would be better than Kobe Bryant/Dwyane Wade? And if so, who? Or did you mean that in a different way?

    • Anonymous says:

      He’d be right behind Wade. The way Kobe’s been moving and playing, I don’t think he’s better than Russ. 

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