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Where LeBron James Attacks From In The Miami Heat Offense

June 4, 20140 Comments

We’ve all marveled at LeBron James since he joined the NBA in 2003. Some fans enjoyed his dunks, some delighted in his superior multi-positional defense, and others praised him for always striving to make the right play. As he ascended amongst the ranks of all-time greats, his shooting percentages took a significant jump, which happened […]

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Breaking Down the Pistons: New Energy or Dead Cat Bounce?

February 11, 20140 Comments

After the surprising firing of Detroit Pistons Head Coach Mo Cheeks on Sunday, one of the big stories of this abbreviated, pre-All Star week is how Detroit would perform under interim coach John Loyer. With the important caveats that it’s just one game, and they were playing a Spurs team without 3 of its top […]

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Why The Portland Trail Blazers May Not Compete For A Title This Year

February 5, 20142 Comments

Editor’s Note: We are happy to have Seth Partnow contribute this incredible analysis to BBALLBREAKDOWN. Seth will contribute regularly here, so make sure to follow him @WhrOffnsHppns and on his own website: Where Offense Happens The Portland Trailblazers have been one of the pleasant surprises of this season. With an all-NBA level season from LaMarcus […]

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Russell Westbrook Meniscus Surgery: Teams Putting Their Players At Risk With Old School Techniques

December 27, 20130 Comments

Following his third surgery this year, Russell Westbrook’s right knee has already had a lifetime’s worth of abuse under the knife. After injuring the meniscus when Patrick Beverley hit the knee going for a steal, the first arthroscopic surgery to repair the torn meniscus was thought to be successful, until a loose stitch set him […]

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Blake Griffin Ejected, Clippers Dejected Over Loss To Warriors

December 27, 20130 Comments

Coach Nick goes through some key plays and players from this Western Conference showdown. The Clippers vs Warriors is rapidly becoming a full boiled rivalry, and their disdain for each other is clear. Ronnie Nunn makes a special Court Call appearance to talk about the Flagrant Fouls called, and we take you through the stretch […]

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BBallBreakdown Presents: Coaching Basketball, A Kurtis Blow Music Video Parody

December 21, 20130 Comments

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Kurtis Blow Basketball video, as it’s one of the more famous basketball-related songs ever written. Well, Coach Nick decided it would be a good idea to put together a parody of the video, expressing what it’s like to coach basketball, rather than play it. –Are you a fantasy basketball […]

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The Dwight Howard Effect on the Houston Rockets

July 26, 20132 Comments

By now, we’ve all gone through the Dwightmare of Dwight Howard’s decision to leave the Lakers and take his talents to Houston. On paper, this looks like a match made in heaven. with James Harden, Chandler Parson, and Jeremy Lin forming a talented nucleus. Let’s dive deep into some stats to see if Dwight Howard […]

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Why Brandon Jennings Is Still A Free Agent

July 22, 20132 Comments

Brandon Jennings, the talented but oft criticized point guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, is a restricted free agent. This means any other team can make him an offer above the standing qualifying offer of $4.5 million on the table from the Bucks. Milwaukee would then have the option to match that offer, or simply let […]

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