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Why Brandon Jennings Is Still A Free Agent

July 22, 20132 Comments

Brandon Jennings, the talented but oft criticized point guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, is a restricted free agent. This means any other team can make him an offer above the standing qualifying offer of $4.5 million on the table from the Bucks. Milwaukee would then have the option to match that offer, or simply let […]

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Rockets at Knicks: Jeremy Lin & James Harden Doin’ Work

December 19, 20124 Comments

In his (triumphant) return to New York and Madison Square Garden, Jeremy Lin scored 22 points and had 8 assists as the Houston Rockets soundly beat the New York Knicks 109-96. Lin and James Harden (28 points, 10 rebounds) continually attacked the Knicks’ defense using good ball movement, but also took advantage of hurried 3 […]

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Spurs at Thunder: Russell Westbrook Will Never Be Sam Malone

March 19, 201240 Comments

You know I’m a Coach, right? Says so right before my name: Coach Nick. I ceased being a fan a long time ago, and I can’t watch basketball without my coke bottle thick coach’s rec specs wrapped tight around my head, so my man can’t knock them off while battling for a rebound. While I’m […]

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