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Russell Westbrook Meniscus Surgery: Teams Putting Their Players At Risk With Old School Techniques

December 27, 20130 Comments

Following his third surgery this year, Russell Westbrook’s right knee has already had a lifetime’s worth of abuse under the knife. After injuring the meniscus when Patrick Beverley hit the knee going for a steal, the first arthroscopic surgery to repair the torn meniscus was thought to be successful, until a loose stitch set him […]

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How The Spurs Outclassed The Thunder

March 13, 20135 Comments

Let’s get this over with quick: The San Antonio Spurs are a better team than the Oklahoma City Thunder. Without All Star guard Tony Parker, they outscored the Thunder 91-66 over the final 38 1/2 minutes. An even clearer picture emerges by looking over at their respective benches. Greg Popovich has built a team in […]

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Are Kevin Durant and LeBron James Really The Best Scorers In The NBA?

February 28, 201315 Comments

There’s a dirty little secret in the NBA. We’re not talking about backroom deals, steroids, or Honey Nut Cheerios. What we’re talking about lies in plain sight, for all to see: Bad Defense. That’s right, I said it. In case you hadn’t noticed, the league is filled with team after team that doesn’t hedge, can’t […]

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OKC at HOU: Harden and Lin Play Til The End (KD and Russ Don’t)

February 22, 20130 Comments

For over three quarters, the Oklahoma City Thunder did exactly what they needed to do to beat the Houston Rockets on the road. They weathered an early storm of three’s by the Rockets (8-10 in first) and methodically used their stars to their advantage. While Kevin Durant didn’t shoot particularly well, Russell Westbrook was hitting […]

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2012-13 Western Conference Mid-Season Report Card

February 20, 20133 Comments

Western Conference Mid-Season Report Card (by playoff seeding) San Antonio Spurs Mid-Season Grade: A Record & Conference Standing: 42-12, 1st The Good: Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili & Tim Duncan should be well rested & healthy heading into the playoffs. Their supporting cast continues to improve and gain experience. The Bad: The Spurs are always strong […]

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OKC MIA Post Game Chat

December 26, 20120 Comments

The Miami Heat beat the OKC Thunder 103-97 in a thrilling rematch of the NBA Finals. Both teams struggled from the 3pt line- the Thunder shot 31% (5-16) while the Heat shot 29% (8-28). Conversely, the teams were highly efficient from the free-throw line. The Thunder shot 84% (32-38) and actually took 19 more free-throws […]

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Thunder at Timberwolves: Shved, Barea, Pekovic Do An International Number on Russ, KD

December 22, 20120 Comments

The Minnesota Timberwolves ended the OKC Thunder’s 11-game win streak with a 99-93 win at Target Center. The Timberwolves raced out to a 30-18 first quarter lead and fought off several Thunder runs to end a 2-game losing streak.   Kevin Love scored 28 points with Nikola Pekovic (24 points) and J.J. Barea (18 points) […]

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Why Russell Westbrook Is Not A Championship Point Guard

November 3, 201210 Comments

We’re all well acquainted with the events that unfolded on Thursday night in a game between the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder. Russell Westbrook went the complete wrong way while guarding Tony Parker, who got wide open and made a 20 footer as time expired to lift the Spurs to a victory. Echoes […]

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