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OKC at HOU: Harden and Lin Play Til The End (KD and Russ Don’t)

February 22, 20130 Comments

For over three quarters, the Oklahoma City Thunder did exactly what they needed to do to beat the Houston Rockets on the road. They weathered an early storm of three’s by the Rockets (8-10 in first) and methodically used their stars to their advantage. While Kevin Durant didn’t shoot particularly well, Russell Westbrook was hitting […]

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NBA Chat With Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated

September 18, 20120 Comments

Coach Nick had the pleasure of sitting down with Sam Amick to discuss the latest NBA news and trends. We went from Adam Morrison’s signing in Portland to the Los Angeles Lakers vs the Oklahoma City Thunder, and everywhere in between. If you’ve been starving for NBA news and insights, this is the chat for […]

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Thunder vs Heat: Game 4 NBA Finals In Game Tweets & Post Game Chat

June 19, 20125 Comments

[View the story "Heat vs Thunder Game 4 In Game Conversation" on Storify] Heat vs Thunder Game 4 In Game Conversation Coach Nick tweets his observations on the strategy and plays of Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Storified by BBALLBREAKDOWN · Wed, Jun 20 2012 01:03:49 Speeding home… Keep me updated!BBALLBREAKDOWN “@bballSource: Speeding home… […]

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Thunder vs Heat: Game 3 In Game Tweets/Post Game Chat

June 17, 20123 Comments

Watch our post game chat below – it was a great conversation about the game. Below is our Twitter Conversation with In Game Tweets. Stay tuned today for our Game 3 breakdown. IN GAME TWEETS [View the story "Thunder vs Heat: Game 3 In Game Tweets" on Storify] Thunder vs Heat: Game 3 In Game […]

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2012 NBA Finals Game 1: Wade & Spoelstra On The Hot (Heat?) Seat

June 14, 20122 Comments

There was so much to go through in our breakdown of Game 1 of the NBA Finals that I could have done 3 breakdowns from all the clips. This one was anticlimactic, as the Thunder iced the game with 3 minutes to go, and the Heat had so many possessions you could file under the […]

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Game 2 Lakers vs Thunder: How Kobe Let This One Get Away

May 17, 20122 Comments

While so much of the focus on the game between the Lakers and Thunder centers on Kobe’s mishaps deep in the fourth quarter, let’s not ignore the adjustments Mike Brown made that could potentially turn this series around for Los Angeles. The biggest difference between Game 1 and Game 2 for the Thunder’s offense was […]

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Thunder @ Lakers: Bynum Lazy, Metta World Peace Crazy, Kobe Amazing

April 24, 20121 Comment

There were so many story lines to this game between the Lakers and Thunder at Staples, that I could barely keep it straight. A normal breakdown has about 40 clips, but going through this one, I got to 100. Between the Bynum benching, Metta World Peace freaking out, the complete meltdown of the Thunder, Kobe’s […]

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Spurs at Thunder: Russell Westbrook Will Never Be Sam Malone

March 19, 201240 Comments

You know I’m a Coach, right? Says so right before my name: Coach Nick. I ceased being a fan a long time ago, and I can’t watch basketball without my coke bottle thick coach’s rec specs wrapped tight around my head, so my man can’t knock them off while battling for a rebound. While I’m […]

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