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Spurs Three-Point Shooting: Erik Spoelstra’s Worst Nightmare

June 6, 20131 Comment

Over the years the Spurs have shifted their offense from posting Tim Duncan to spreading the floor and running PnR with Tony Parker. Even against Memphis, the Spurs are able to generate a lot of open three-pointers. We charted the Spurs three-point shooting against the Grizzlies in the visualization below. On the first tab you […]

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Why The Clippers Are Vulnerable: Defending The Three

March 27, 20134 Comments

While the LA Clippers will win their first Pacific Division title this year, the team is currently far from the one that went undefeated in December. One of the areas of concern has been the Clippers defense against three pointers. To examine this issue, the BBALLBREAKDOWN team examined all three pointers allowed over a 4-game […]

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Reggie Miller’s Amazing 8.9 Seconds

September 7, 20120 Comments

In honor of Reggie Miller’s induction to the NBA Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA, I decided to look at one of his most famous achievements. Single handedly beating the Knicks in Madison Square Garden with two 3 point daggers goes down as one of the most clutch playoff performances in professional basketball history. Amidst […]

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Why The Lakers Offense Continues To Struggle

February 10, 20122 Comments

Statistically Speaking by Arun Chikyarappa & Coach Nick Through 25 games, the Lakers record is a mediocre 14-11, compared to last year’s 18-7 mark at the point of the season. One look at their offensive production, and it’s clear this is a major culprit. Overall, the Lakers offense produces 93.2 points per game, a steep […]

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