The Differences Between FIBA and the NBA

July 21, 2012

Coach Nick breaks down the major differences between the international game and the NBA. One omission is the FIBA rule that prohibits passing the ball into the back court from a sideline inbounds play that originates in the front court.

Length of GameFour 10 minute periodsFour 12 minute periods
Court Length91' 10" x 49' 2.5"94' x 50'
Size of Lane16' x 19' 16' x 19'
Three Point Distance22.1"23' 9" (22' in corner)
Foul Limit56
Jump BallAlternating PossessionJump Ball
Time OutsCalled by Coach OnlyCalled by Player OR Coach
Technical Fouls2 FTs and possession1 FT, Play Resumes
Size of BallCircumference: 30.7"29 7/8"
Jersey Numbers4-15All Numbers
Closely Guarded for 5 SecsYes (while holding)No
Touch Ball On CylinderYesNo
Zone DefenseYesYes (3 secs Closely Guarded)

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Coach Nick is the founder of BballBreakdown and a former high school varsity basketball coach. Follow Coach Nick on Twitter, @bballbreakdown.

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  1. Balh says:

    Who narrated this video? Did you watch the footage while talking? Most embarrassingly, you say the FIBA ball is smaller than the NBA one, but in the video illustration, the FIBA ball has a larger circumference… there’s other stuff (like jokes and puns suited for school children) too, but we’ll overlook that

    • bballbreakdown says:

      Thanks for the comment. You must’ve missed the on screen annotation that acknowledged the (understandable) mistake. I can assure you that I did watch the footage, edited it, and did all the research. If we can’t use puns for school children, then who can we use them for?
      Coach Nick

  2. Greg says:

    dude you’re redic. have you ever even left the us. man do your research on the 3point line distance and stop hating

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