Why The Lakers Can’t Get The Ball To The Post

May 22, 2012

In the first of a cool series we will shoot during the playoffs, I get on the court and demonstrate how to attack a defense that is fronting the post. If the Lakers win this game tonight, it will be in no small part how they adjust to get the ball down low. With an advantage in the post with Bynum, Gasol, and Kobe, the Lakers are doing themselves a disservice by not getting the ball there.

This type of play may seem easy, but needs a lot of practice especially on the post player’s footwork. Timing and recognition by multiple players is crucial, and it puts a premium on coaches who can teach.

There are more ways to attack a fronting defense, but I subscribe to the philosophy K*I*S*S* – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Both the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder have made fronting the post a priority, and it’s caused a lot of havoc on their opponent’s offense. Sadly, the adjustments we demonstrate have never been made. This feels more indicative of the lack of fundamentals and teaching in the game today than a compressed schedule with no practice time.

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Coach Nick is the founder of BballBreakdown and a former high school varsity basketball coach. Follow Coach Nick on Twitter, @BballSource.

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  1. Shapdoc says:

    very impressive…looks good for next year

  2. Ashtonbrady007 says:

    great work

  3. Albert Lew says:

    The ending is brilliant. Trust me.

    • bballbreakdown says:

      Thanks – Glad you liked it. And I did make most of the 3′s I took for that shot… ha

  4. Hay coach – it would be great if you break down Spurs offence/defence
    genius. They old, they had no major chances to win (at the start of the
    season, even in halfway of the season) but now they are unbeatable.
    Everybody are shocked of how well are they doing and credit it to their
    experience and coach genius. How is that ?

    • bballbreakdown says:

      We did do a Spurs offense breakdown last week. Stay tuned for some Spurs game breakdowns coming up!

  5. Lenard Smith says:

    That’s some good stuff!

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